Blaze of Glory
Kakugane Serial Number(s) XX (20)
Creator Sekima Hiwatari
Form Napalm
Main Color(s) Magenta

Buso Renkin of Napalm, Blaze of Glory (栄光の炎 Eikou no Honoo) the Buso Renkin of Sekima Hiwatari.


Hiwatari possesses Kakugane XX which takes the form of napalm which creates fire at his disposal, eventually however Blaze of Glory's true form is revealed to be that of a giant aerial napalm bomb lined with hexagons.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Flame Generation & Manipulation: Hiwatari can control the napalm to generate and control fire in any way he wishes, often using it as a flame thrower. He can also create a giant fireball which he can sit and fly on. He can make these flames burn up to 5,100 degrees, capable of incinerating almost any target.
Blaze of Glory Napalm

Using the Napalm

  • Napalm Bomb: He can summon and drop the aerial bomb which creates a blast area of 500 meters in diameter by instantly increasing the air temperature to 5,100 or even 10,000 degrees. This is his most devastating attack.
  • Flame Assimilation: He is able to convert his body into fire which nullifies any physical attack and by merging with the fire he creates he can control the flames like part of his own body. The more the fire spreads, the more powerful he becomes. However if the fire were extinguished while he was merged with it, he would die instantly.


  • This was based on the early napalm bomb with some details added.
  • He got the name for this weapon from the theme song of a Western that he saw. He also got the idea from an American comic book with that title.