Buster Baron
Kakugane Serial Number(s) XVII (17)
Creator Shosei Sakaguchi
Form Full Plate armor
Main Color(s) Silver, Gold, and Gun Metal Blue

Buso Renkin of the Full Plate Armor Buster Baron (バスター バロン Basutā Baron) the Buso Renkin of Shosei Sakaguchi.


Shosei possesses Kakugane XVII which takes the form of a giant 57-meter-tall, 550-ton full plate armored robot. It resembles a gigantic knight, complete with a red cape connected to the robot by two square plates featuring the amalgam symbol resembling Shosei's attire.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

It is known as the most powerful Buso Renkin around and serves as the most powerful conventional weapon as well. Shosei can command it by standing on top of it or in a control room inside the robot.

Buso Renkin Replication

Buso Renkin Replication

  • Buso Renkin Replication: The Buster Baron's main property is to be able replicate and amplify the powers of the Buso Renkin of other Alchemist Warriors who have boarded the robot. It can use up to five Buso Renkin at one time.
  • Immense Physical Strength: Buster Baron has displayed feats of considerable strength, being able to grapple and even overpower Victor's giant form while he was in Stage 3.
  • Immense Durability: The Baron is extremely sturdy as it was able to take a few hits from Victor's giant form and was unscathed even after atmospheric reentry.
  • Detachable Limbs: Shosei can choose to manifest the robot's hands or feet for independent use.
  • Rocket Pack: The rocket pack on its back allows it to fly for short periods of time, using a combination of Hiwatari's Blaze of Glory and Hanaka's Aerial Operator it can even be used as a makeshift rocket, however Shosei usually uses it for charging attacks.


  • Buster Knuckle: A powerful punch capable of punching a hole through Victor's giant form.


  • The design is based on Armor Baron from the author's previous series, Gun Blaze West.