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This is a list of chapters of the Buso Renkin manga, and the respective volumes in which they are collected. The names of the chapters are given as how they appeared in the volume edition.

Volume listEdit

# Japanese English
Release date ISBN Release date ISBN
1 January 5, 2004 ISBN : 4-08-873557-9 August 1, 2006 ISBN : 1-4215-0615-7
Chapters list :
1. New Life

2. Midnight Run
3. Homunculus's Identity
4. Parasite Homunculus
5. VS. Kawazui: Part 1
6. VS. Kawazui: Part 2
7. You're a Little Stronger

New Life
Cover characters :
Kazuki Muto
Tokiko Tsumura
Pages :
Talk about being at the wrong place at the wrong time! High school student Kazuki Muto had no clue what he was in for when he rescued damsel in distress Tokiko from a monster known as a "Homunculus." Disguised as humans - who actually eat humans - Homunculi are malevolent creatures that affix themselves to people's brains, and once fully grown, the only thing that can annihilate them is a weapon called Buso Renkin!

Follow the adventures of Kazuki after he discovers that it was actually Tokiko who saved his life by implanting a Kakugane - an alchemical device that transforms into a Buso Renkin - to replace his heart!

2 April 2, 2004 ISBN : 4-08-873587-0 October 3, 2006 ISBN : 1-4215-0616-5
Chapters list :
8. Lock On

9. The Other New Life
10. VS. Washio: Section 1
11. VS. Washio: Part 2: Section 1
12. VS. Washio: Part 2: Section 2
13. VS. Washio: Part 3
14. Midnight Run 2
15. Dark, Hot and Sweet
16. Butterfly of Black Death
17. Fade to Black

Fade to Black
Cover characters :
Kazuki Muto
Tokiko Tsumura
Koushaku Chouno (Papillon)
Pages :
With less than a week to go before the Homunculus lodged in Tokiko's waist reaches her brain, Kazuki and Tokiko search for the creator of the dreaded Homunculi. But little do they know that the evil genius behind the human flesh-eating monsters is an eccentric, terminally ill student at Kazuki's school!
3 July 2, 2004 ISBN : 4-08-873630-3 December 5, 2006 ISBN : 1-4215-0617-3
Chapters list :
18. If You Doubt That You Are A Hypocrite

19. Kazuki and Tokiko's Choice, Part 1
20. Kazuki and Tokiko's Choice, Part 2
21. Kazuki and Tokiko's Choice, Part 3
22. Night in the Dormitory
23. Warrior Tokiko
24. Destroy All Enemies
25. The Hayasaka Siblings
26. Training Day

If You Doubt That You Are A Hypocrite
Cover characters :
Tokiko Tsumura
Captain Bravo
Kazuki Muto
Pages :
Never underestimate the power of underwear! With no battle gear to speak of besides his butterfly mask and skivvies, Papillon Mask survives a bitter duel against our boy Kazuki. Meanwhile, Papillon Mask's great-great-grandfather Dr. Butterfly promises him the true powers of a humanoid Homunculus, which includes the ability to use a Buso Renkin. Will Kazuki and Tokiko be able to fend off their powerful - and eccentric - nemesis?
4 September 3, 2004 ISBN : 4-08-873651-6 February 6, 2007 ISBN : 1-4215-0840-0
Chapters list :
27. Just the Two of Us

28. Level One
29. A Lot in Common
30. Close Combat
31. Familiars
32. The World of the Hayasaka Twins
33. Don't Give Up!
34. To the Hospital
35. Thirteen Hours to Go
36. Carnival

Cover characters :
Kazuki Muto
Tokiko Tsumura
Shusui Hayasaka
Ouka Hayasaka
Angel Gozen
Pages :
Kazuki inadvertently reveals his identity as an Alchemist Warrior to the Hayasaka Twins, members of the L.X.E. (League of Extraordinary Elects), when he activates his Buso Renkin in front of them. After Tokiko and Kazuki take on the twins in a late-night battle, they learn the location of the L.X.E. Headquarters, and head there along with Captain Bravo. Intending to put an end to Dr. Butterfly's organization, they discover that yet another evil plan has been set in motion...
5 November 4, 2004 ISBN : 4-08-873670-2 April 3, 2007 ISBN : 1-4215-0841-9
Chapters list :
37. Items of the Same Type

38. A Friend of Everybody
39. The Power Gushing Out
40. A Sign of Death
41. Papillon Vs. Butterfly, Part I
42. Papillon Vs. Butterfly, Part II
43. Who Are You?
44. The Pulse Quickens
45. A Spring Night of Two Months Past

A Friend of Everyone
Cover characters :
Kazuki Muto
Tokiko Tsumura
Mahiro Muto
Chisato Wakamiya
Saori Kawai
Hideyuki Okakura
Masashi Daihama
Koji Rokumasu
Pages :
Upon arriving at the hidden headquarters of the League of Extraordinary Elects (the L.X.E.), the Alchemist Warriors learn of the League's plot to attack the high school. Kazuki and Tokiko immediately head over there, only to discover that the school has been surrounded by Dr. Butterfly's newly created humanoid Homunculus soldiers To the Alchemist Warriors' surprise and dismay, they find that not only are they facing Dr. Butterfly's minions, but the students of the school, as well!
6 February 4, 2005 ISBN : 4-08-873696-6 June 5, 2007 ISBN : 1-4215-0842-7
Chapters list :
46. Heart Shift

47. End of the Battle
48. A Warrior's Respite
49. A New Mission
50. Say It's Not So, Bravo
51. Crimson Ocean
52. Re-Extermination Complete
53. When the Night Ends
54. One Heart and One Mind

A New Mission
Cover characters :
Kazuki Muto
Captain Bravo
Tokiko Tsumura
Victor Powered
Gota Nakamura
Pages :
Kazuki and Tokiko find themselves face to face with the legendary traitor of the Alchemist Warriors. The traitor, Victor, has a Black Kakugane for a heart, giving him the ability to drain energy from any humans in the area and increase his own strength. Then Kazuki discovers that he too has a Black Kakugane inside him. A fierce battle ensues, pitting the two owners of the rare Black Kakugane against one another!
7 April 4, 2005 ISBN : 4-08-873780-6 August 7, 2007 ISBN : 1-4215-1045-6
Chapters list :
55. Rainy Emotions

56. The New Third
57. Runaway Start
58. Episode Zero
59. No Intention of Losing
60. Wind and Leaves
61. Who's the Monster?
62. Ikusabe Attacks
63. Gekisen, the Cross Spear

Runaway Start
Cover characters :
Kazuki Muto
Gota Nakamura
Koushaku Chouno (Papillon)
Sekima Hiwatari
Pages :
8 July 4, 2005 ISBN : 4-08-873820-9 October 2, 2007 ISBN : 1-4215-1046-4
Chapters list :
64. Eater

65. Dawn at the Graveyard
66. No Regrets
67. Secret Passage of the Shadows
68. Meanwhile
69. Round Two
70. The Determination to Protect What's Important to the End
71. Excel
72. Gone into Flames
73. Leave This to Me

The Determination to Protect What's Important to the End
Cover characters :
Kazuki Muto
Captain Bravo
Tokiko Tsumura
Gota Nakamura
Madoka Maruyama
Shinobu Negoro
Pages :
9 November 4, 2005 ISBN : 4-08-873851-9 December 4, 2007 ISBN : 1-4215-1047-2
Chapters list :
74. The Two Final Battles

75. Infiltrating Newton Apple Academy for Girls
76. Secret of the Mask
77. Great Battle
78. Require a Decision
79. Boy Meets Battle Girl
80. Buso Renkin Finale

Boy Meets Battle Girl
Cover characters :
Kazuki Muto
Tokiko Tsumura
Victor Powered
Pages :
10 April 4, 2006 ISBN : 4-08-874019-X February 5, 2008 ISBN : 1-4215-1542-3
Chapters list :
81. Buso Renkin: Period

Onesot. Special One-shot: Embalming -Dead Body and Bride-
82. Buso Renkin: Afterward

Cover characters :
Kazuki Muto
Tokiko Tsumura
Pages :

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