Chouno Family Estate
Name Chouno Family Estate
Type Mansion
Located In Ginsei City
Primary Function Home of the Chouno family
Debut Chapter 14 (Manga)
Episode 6 (Anime)

The Chouno Family Estate is the former home of Koushaku Chouno and his family. It is here that Koushaku eventually transformed himself into a humanoid Homunculus and had his first fight with Kazuki Muto.


The Chouno family estate consists of a traditional Japanese mansion decorated with butterfly symbols in various places. The mansion sits on top of a hill with large staircases and walls leading to the front door. Nearby there are also many traditional Japanese storage buildings and other unseen buildings.

Over a hundred years ago the Bakushaku Chouno, better known as Dr. Butterfly built the foundations of the household. As a human alchemist Dr. Butterfly did much of his research here until he met Victor Powered. At some point Butterfly left the estate to one of his descendants presumably and left many of his research notes in one of the many storage houses. His great, great grandson, Koushaku eventually began his own alchemic research with the help of these notes. The estate was owned by his father Shishaku Chouno who was to pass it on to Koushaku until he took ill and so decided to give it to his brother Jiro.

The household was guarded by various members of a Yakuza group who are on good terms with the family who generally worn black suits and sunglasses. They overseen the security of the estate and dealt with any problems that arise.