Fatal Attraction
Kakugane Serial Number(s) Black Kakugane I
Creator Victor Powered
Form Great Axe
Main Color(s) Red, Silver, and Black

Buso Renkin of the Great Axe, Fatal Attraction (フェータル アトラクション Fētaru Atorakushon) the Buso Renkin of Victor Powered.


Fatal Attraction takes the form of a giant silver and black war-axe. The axe is comprised of two blades connected at the top of each blade, Victor usually uses one of the blades to hold the axe.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Gravitational Control

Fatal Attraction's Gravitational Control

  • Gravitational Control: Fatal Attraction can manipulate the direction of gravity on any scale and can be used to increase the gravitational pull on an object or reverse it. Its gravitational control is so great that by applying maximum force to opposing gravitational fields, it can momentarily create a miniature black hole, thereby destroying anything it comes into contact with. At the point of impact the weapon's momentum can be altered to control the amount of damage it inflicts.
  • Double Tomahawk: The great axe can be separated to form two smaller tomahawks. Energy is released from the sides to form the axehead for each.


  • The name comes from the famous storyline in the American comic boo X-men.
  • The design of the ax came from the weapon of Divebomb from the Transformers Energon series