If You Doubt That You Are A Hypocrite
Volume number
July 2, 2004
(ISBN : 4-08-873630-3)
December 5, 2006
(ISBN : 1-4215-0617-3)
Chapter list
18. If You Doubt That You Are A Hypocrite

19. Kazuki and Tokiko's Choice, Part 1
20. Kazuki and Tokiko's Choice, Part 2
21. Kazuki and Tokiko's Choice, Part 3
22. Night in the Dormitory
23. Warrior Tokiko
24. Destroy All Enemies
25. The Hayasaka Siblings

26. Training Day
Tokiko Tsumura
Captain Bravo
Kazuki Muto
Fade to Black

If You Doubt That You Are A Hypocrite (場合君疑うその君ですある偽善者, Baai kun utagau sono kimi desu aru gizen sha) is the third volume of the Buso Renkin manga series.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

Never underestimate the power of underwear! With no battle gear to speak of besides his butterfly mask and skivvies, Papillon Mask survives a bitter duel against our boy Kazuki. Meanwhile, Papillon Mask's great-great-grandfather Dr. Butterfly promises him the true powers of a humanoid Homunculus, which includes the ability to use a Buso Renkin. Will Kazuki and Tokiko be able to fend off their powerful - and eccentric - nemesis?

Featured CharactersEdit

Character FilesEdit

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