The League of Extraordinary Elects
Name The League of Extraordinary Elects
Founder(s) Dr. Butterfly
Headquarters L.X.E. Headquarters
Ginsei City
Leader(s) Dr. Butterfly
Victor Powered
Purpose To protect and revive Victor.

The The League of Extraordinary Elects (mostly abbreviated as L.X.E.) is a mysterious and powerful group of humanoid Homunculi operating in Ginsei City.


Located in Ginsei City the organization was formed by Dr. Butterfly a hundred years ago, when he found Victor injured, and pledged to heal him in exchange for his alchemic knowledge. The L.X.E. was formed specifically to protect Victor until the treatment was complete. According to Angel Gozen it is Butterfly's personal organization and as such, if he is defeated, the rest of the organization will collapse.

There seems to be a small hierarchy amongst its members with Dr. Butterfly being the founder and leader with Victor Powered who, while recovering Butterfly refers to him as their true leader and the King of the Homunculi, however this seems to be an appointed position as Victor takes no interest and leaves after he reawakens. Underneath Dr. Butterfly are the various humanoid Homunculi members, however Moonface, being one of it's strongest members seems to be higher in the ranks while Papillon was lower in the ranks due to his incomplete transformation. At the very bottom of the ranks are the young human Familiars who use their influence to protect the L.X.E., such as spying, controlling large crowds through propaganda, or other grunt work, with the aim of becoming a humanoid Homunculus. However most are devoured when they are deemed by Dr. Butterfly to have outlived their usefulness, as such Shusui Hayasaka states that fewer than 10 Familiars remained in the L.X.E.

The organization had access to various Kakugane as almost all of its members are capable of wielding a Buso Renkin, however the organization possessed few Kakugane, possessing only six of them and as such they were used sparingly. Dr. Butterfly would control who uses each Kakugane, granting them to those high in the ranks like Moonface or whoever is on an important mission such as the Hayasaka twins.

Notable MembersEdit

Name Buso Renkin Role Status
Dr. Butterfly Alice in Wonderland Founder, Leader Deceased, killed by Papillon
Victor Powered Fatal Attraction Appointed Leader Left Group
Moonface Satellite 30 Homunculus (High ranked) Left Group, defeated by Captain Bravo and sent to the moon alongside other Homunculi.
Kinjo Peaky Gulliver Homunculus Deceased, defeated by Captain Bravo and killed by Jinnai.
Jinnai Noisy Hamelin Homunculus Deceased, killed by Tokiko Tsumura.
Tai N/A Homunculus (Biggest Team) Deceased, killed by Shusui Hayasaka.
Shi N/A Homunculus (Biggest Team) Deceased, killed by Ouka Hayasaka.
Papillon Near-Death Happiness Homunculus Left Group
Unnamed Homunculus N/A Homunculus Deceased, killed by Papillon.
Shusui Hayasaka Sword Samurai X Familiar Left Group, defeated by Kazuki Muto.
Ouka Hayasaka Angel Gozen Familiar Left Group, defeated by Tokiko Tsumura.
Angel Gozen Angel Gozen Ouka Hayasaka's Buso Renkin Left Group alongside Ouka.
Shinyo Suzuki N/A Familiar Left Group, abandoned by Dr. Butterfly.
Revised Humanoid Homunculi N/A Homunculi foot soldiers Deceased, destroyed by Kazuki Muto, Tokiko Tsumura and Papillon.
2 Unnamed members N/A Unknown Abandoned the group after Dr. Butterfly's death.


  • The organization's name, L.X.E., is a reference to the comic book series, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
  • Nobuhiro Watsuki's original plan was to name the L.X.E.'s Buso Renkin after fairy tales or children's stories, but only three were named as such in the end; Dr. Butterfly's Alice in Wonderland, Kinjo's Peaky Gulliver and Jinnai's Noisy Hamelin.

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