L.X.E. Headquarters
Name L.X.E. Headquarters
Type Mansion
Located In Ginsei City
Primary Function Headquarters of the L.X.E.
Debut Chapter 18 (Manga)
Episode 7 (Anime)

The L.X.E. Headquarters is a large mansion owned by Dr. Butterfly and the primary base of the L.X.E. in Ginsei City.


The headquarters is a large modern mansion located in the woods on the outskirts of Ginsei City. It has a large wooden front door that leads into a large hallway. There are dozens of rooms within the house, presumably used as accommodation for the members of the L.X.E. and other general purposes. The most commonly seen room is the basement located at the end of the main hallway, this happens to be Dr. Butterfly's laboratory. His laboratory is filled with various science equipment and pipework which is mainly connected to the center of the laboratory which was where the Restoration Flask was located. The base was completely destroyed by Captain Bravo as he defeated Moonface.


In order to gain entry into the building Moonface asks all visitors for the secret passwords. Moonface will say four sentences which the visitor must answer correctly. Once they have done this they must then perform a finishing pose. Funnily enough, Moonface can see who the visitor is and asks them for the passwords even if he knows that they are the enemy. The passwords are different in the manga and anime.


From the earth...a base metal, From the, From my blood. The fate of the on my back!! *victory poses*

Point 1 "The Earth is our home - take care of it!"

Point 2 "Let the fire of passion burn within your soul!"

Point 3 "It takes a hot-blooded spirit to live the life of a warrior!"

Final Point "A man declares his worth with his back! Come up with a pose that tells the world who you are!!"


In my hand...a pistol, In my heart...a bouquet, On my lips...liquor. The fate of the world... is on my back!! *victory poses*

Point 1 "Use guns as a last resort. Don’t scare people with them."

Point 2 "You have to be sincere. Don’t ever forget your first taste of love."

Point 3 "Only drink after you’re 20! If you drink underage, you ruin your life."

Final Point "A man’s back tells the story of his life. Strike your beautiful poses!"


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